A digital multimedia project cherishing the memories we made in Inkopolis before we move out of town.
Includes a Multi Animator Project set to Live Like a Dream by 30 Seconds to Mars and a free digital fanzine featuring writing and artwork.

Shiba - MAP hostHello I’m Shiba! I’ve hosted several maps before and have been in a few splatoon zines c: I’m so excited to be part of a project that means so much to me, thank you for being here 💕

AL - Zine hostHey, I'm AL. I'm a chronic zine contributor and sometimes zine moderator. I've been looking for ways to open up zines to new artists and writers, so I hope you enjoy this one!

Dog - MAP co-hostHi I’m Dog and I do the funny video thing. I’ve hosted MAProjects before and taken part in many a number of them, let’s go !!

Charlie - Zine co-hostHi I'm Charlie! I've been in a bunch of zines and modded IKADAKIMASU. I made lots of my friends through Splatoon, so let's celebrate that with this zine !

The MAProject portion of this zine will be hosting applications soon! Ther are 32 parts total with each being anywhere from 5 to 11 seconds long (save for the intro and ending).


Q. What is a MAP?
MAP is an acronym that stands for Multi Animator Project, it’s been used by the animation community for nearly a decade and can also be known as a MAProject. Maps take a piece of audio, usually a song, and cut it up into parts to divvy out to several artists for them to each animate and then they’re all compiled together to make a whole video.
They can often have a theme or a script and are usually either in AMV or PMV style (there are others too but these are the most common). AMV stands for Animated Music Video and refers to the video being fully animated with frame by frame or limited animation (limited animation makes use of just key frames and/or extreme tweening, see example). PMV stands for Picture Music Video and instead of being frame by frame, is a series of drawings, often with elements of the drawings in motion, such as panning, tweening, or camera movement.Example of AMV style (frame by frame) - link
Example of AMV style (limited) - link
Example of PMV style - link
Q. What can/should I draw for my part?
Your favorite memories from your time in Inkopolis and Splatoon 2 in general. This can be anything from content in the game itself, to OCs and stories you made, to the community, friendships formed, and projects you’ve participated in.
Q. I’ve never been in a map before/I don’t know how to edit my images into my part so that they have movement. Can I still join?
Absolutely! Shiba is happy to assist anyone with any questions they have and can show visual examples if needed. Shiba can also help with the editing process, whether that be assistance with your editing software, or sending the images directly to them and having them help edit your part together.
Q. Do I need to cut my own audio?
No, we will be providing the audio for each part and will have them for download in the discord server. Please note that each audio file has a few extra frames at the start and end of your part to allow for ease of editing when it comes time to compile the final map
Q. Are collaborations allowed?
Yes, please make sure that everyone who will be participating applies, there will be an option on the application to select if you’d like to collab. If you get partway through the project and would like to bring on another artist to assist with finishing your part, just let a mod know first.

The Zine portion of this project is free for anyone to join! It will accompany the MAProject. It will include artwork and writing of good memories from Inkopolis.


Q. What is a zine?
A zine, in this context, is a compilation of writing and artwork centering around a specific topic - ours being cherished moments from Inkopolis. Multiple artists and writers will be working together to create pieces themed to this topic. At the end of the production time frame, everything will be compiled together into a digital PDF.
Traditionally zines are a small self-published work made by individuals or small groups about all kinds of topics. Our ‘zine’ is more of a fanzine or fan anthology.
Q. Will this zine be free?
Yes! It will be digital and publicly available.
Q. Do I need a portfolio or previous zine experience?
Nope! But there is an optional place on the application if you’d like to show us anyway. We’d love to see.
Q. What compensation will the contributors get?
The zine is free. So just the experience to put on your portfolio and the good times we had along the way. :]
Q. Are collaborations allowed?
Absolutely. Artists & writers, multiple artists, and multiple writers can collaborate together.
Q. What can/should I make for my piece?
Your favorite memories from your time in Inkopolis and Splatoon 2 in general. This can be anything from content in the game itself, to ocs and stories you made, to the community, friendships formed, and projects you’ve participated in.
Q. What kinds of characters and content are allowed?
Any characters! Canon, OCs, Manga, whatever. If you include someone else’s OCs, make sure you have their permission.
As for content, the zine is PG-13 and safe for work. You can draw characters having a chaste smooch, smoking, or drinking alcohol as long as you keep it tame.Obviously nothing bigoted is allowed. No topics that are triggering for the general public - not limited to but including suicide, abuse, self-harm, incest, pedophila, hard violence, gore, etc.Q. Will traditional art be accepted?
Yes! As long as you can scan or photograph the artwork in high quality and it fits into the page template we provide (which is A5). Unconventional mediums for zines like clay, textile, 3D, etc are allowed but need to meet the same requirements.
Q. Will there be check-ins?
Yes, but these will be loosely enforced. We won’t be actually checking in on everyone since this is an open project, and people are free to drop out as they need to. Check-ins will serve more as reminders.
Q. If it’s an open zine, why are there applications?
Crowd control. If we just had the Discord link out in the open it would be chaos.
Q. Can I make prints, merch, or sell my piece?
Yes! You own it! We just ask that you wait until the project is over.


Must be 13 years old or older.
Must have a Discord account and join the server.
MAP Requirements
• The final map will be exported in 24 fps so please make and export your part in 12 or 24 fps.
• Parts will need to be 1920x1080 (1280x720 is fine but not optimal) and exported as Windows Media (.wmv), H.264 (.mp4), or QuickTime (.mov).• You may animate your part to have as much or as little movement as you like, but we recommend there is at least some movement in your part, even if it’s just a camera pan. It’s also recommended that your part moves along with the rhythm of the music, it helps the finished map be more fun and appealing to watch!

MAP schedule( subject to change )
Jan 31apps open!
Feb 14apps close
Feb 15emails sent
March 11st check-in
April 22nd check-in
April 303rd check-in
May 21final due

Zine Requirements
• Is allowed to be up to a maximum of 2000 words.
• You may write in whatever format you want. Short story, poem, etc.
• Artists will be allowed one page for their artwork. It must conform to the template given (specs here). Any piece that isn’t made to the dimension of the template will be rejected or resized.
• Artists that are collaborating will be allowed a page per artist, so two (or more) artists can collaborate to make a spread if they wish.

Zine schedule( subject to change )
Feb 9apps open!
Feb 27apps close
Feb 28emails sent
March 71st check-in
March 292nd check-in
April 303rd check-in
May 21final due